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Our clients LOVE how we free up their time so they can get to the things they want to do.

What our OVERSITE clients have to say…

Here is what some of our amazing clients have to say about what our website integrity plans do for them:

“Sales from our website often translate to a long relationship with clients leading to further sales. We rely on our website to bring in new leads.

One day, unbeknownst to me, the emails from the website started going into my spam folder. It was Kris who brought this to our attention as part of her monthly testing. Thanks to OVERSITE™, we were able to find those emails and respond to them in a timely manner. Who knows how many sales (not to mention—repeat sales and word of mouth) we could have missed out on. That’s a significant sum of revenue we could have lost.”

Susan, TecScrn International

“I signed up for an OVERSITE plan after a website visitor went to my site and saw that it was broken. I’m in the field all day and I don’t have time to be worrying about if my website is working properly. Knowing that somebody’s checking in on it for me is one less thing I need to worry about.”
Leif, Stonesthrow Renovations

“I love that Kris makes website ownership super simple. I’m on the road days at a time and there is no way I’m going to sit down at the end of the day and do website maintenance. I’ve got a great website and knowing that somebody else is taking care of all of that behind the scenes technical stuff is great. Not only would I not know how to do it, I just don’t want to.”
Chad, Drill Stem Recycle

“We get a lot of traffic to our site, so making sure our site is always working as it should is super important, but website maintenance really isn’t something that we’re interested in doing. Plus, Kris knows exactly what to do. It’s great knowing she’s looking over the site and seeing the tweaks she does on the fly to ensure we’re always making the best first impression.

The monthly reports are also great, plus, I know they’ll bring anything to our attention if it’s urgent.”

Laurie, Meicor

“Having Kris and her team manage our website is a no-brainer. From the minute my staff walks in the door to the minute they leave, they are busy doing things I need them to do. There is just no way I’m going to heap website maintenance on top of that. Plus, it’s not their strength and it would be really frustrating for them. The reality is that we do numbers here, not websites. I need my staff focusing 100% on my clients and their needs.

Knowing that Kris and her team are taking care of the website is a huge weight off my shoulders. I know that Kris has got it and if anything comes up that I need to know about, she’ll reach out. “

Jan, Ashcroft & Associates

“Thank you Kris, for making owning my website super easy. I’m glad you like doing this stuff because I wouldn’t want to do it. Not having to deal with this techy stuff means I can focus on growing my business. Thank you also, for creating an awesome website that met all my needs and helping me keep it current and savvy.”
LD, Country Canine Care