Become an OVERSITE™ Agency.

Become an OVERSITE™ Website Integrity Plan agency and receive a 15-20% commission for each client—for the entire time they remain an OVERSITE™ client.

Sleep soundly knowing a white label solution branded to your business is looking after your clients on your behalf—making you look like the hero!

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Take care of your clients and make some cash with a white label website care plan you can trust.

​We know what it’s like to be a small agency with high standards. You launch amazing websites only to visit them later and see the unsightly changes clients have made and that it’s still on WordPress 5.2 with 28 outdated plugins.

We all love our clients and we truly want them to succeed but getting them to understand website maintenance is like trying to teach T-Rex to play tennis. Rarrrr!

Be the hero your clients need.

We know you want what’s best for your client (even if they don’t.) By getting your clients on “your” new website care plan, you are giving them the same high calibre service they’ve come to expect from you.

Website care plans strengthen your partnership with your client and reinforces that you are a trusted partner they can rely on. By giving them the option to outsource those tedious, nerdy aspects of website ownership, you’re freeing up their time to get back to what they’re passionate about. Really, you should be wearing a cape because you’re a hero.

Getting Started is Easy

Why spend your time futzing around with trying to figure out a new offering and the workflows, policies, recurring billing, sales pitches, campaigns and setting up more software, when you can sign up for OVERSITE™, provide your clients with the protection they need. AND, create a new monthly revenue stream without lifting a finger.

4 simple steps puts money in your pocket.


Sign up as an OVERSITE™ Agency and we will send you templates you can brand and pitch to your clients.


When a client wants to join, fill out the New Client form.


Each month we’ll send a report to each client with your branding. Clients can log into “your” dashboard to request simple changes.


Each month, you bill your client for the service, and we bill you, minus the commission, 15%-20% (depending on the tier).

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Our Promise to You:

  1. We will always treat your clients like the rockstars they are.
  2. We will never poach your clients. If your clients requests an billable change we’ll forward that to you so you can quote them.

Sign up to become an OVERSITE™ Agency today.

Congratulations on taking this first step! Not only are you on your way to making some extra cash every month, more importantly, you’re doing something really great for your clients.

Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you to begin a very simple onboarding process. Then, we’ll leave you with some handy information you can use, rebrand to give to your clients.

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