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You work in this industry and you know how it goes:

  • Client hires firm to create awesome, kickass website.
  • Site is launched! Everybody’s excited.
  • Client gets tied up in business, website gets forgotten.
  • Months and years pass and websites become patchwork of unrelated changes , awkward spacing, running on WordPress 5.2 with 28 outdated plugins.

We know you value your followers and while many of them to have the capacity to manage their own website maintenance, you recognize that most are well-intentioned but are ill-equipped to manage the more technical aspects of their website. We can bridge that gap.


Be the hero your followers need.

We know you value your followers and your reputation is paramount. You want to provide them with only the best recommendations that will bring them real value. As you’re aware, proper website maintenance as part of website ownership is vital. By recommending OVERSITE Website Integrity Plans, you are giving them the same high advice and recommendations they’ve come to expect from you.

Your followers trust you for good advice for how they can be better website owners. By giving them the option to outsource the necessary technical aspects of website ownership, you’re providing them with a quality service that will help them get back to what they’re meant to do.

Getting Started is Easy

We know you want what’s best for your client (even if they don’t.) You’ve likely thought about creating a service like this but it’s hard to find time to develop a service when your production queue is jammed. We understand. Plus, if you don’t have a ton of clients, it can be an unprofitable, tedious service to provide properly. There is a simpler way.

3 simple steps puts money in your pocket.

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Once you’ve reached the minimum threshold of $50, you can submit a withdrawal request and we’ll send you an e-transfer.

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